How to prevent delays during your close

Every month you want to get your close done and dusted as quickly and smoothly as possible. That’s why you’ve put the right Performance Management solution in place, and set up your processes in a smart way. But it can still happen that you run into delays. How can you prevent these? Bert Dotinga shares […]

How to choose between SAP HANA and SQL for CCH Tagetik?

These days, you’re not done once you have selected a new EPM solution. You also have to select a tool for your database-management system (DBMS). Take CCH Tagetik, for instance. You can run it on various DBMSs such as SAP HANA, MS SQL, Oracle, and Postgres. Of these, SQL is the most widely used, but […]

Smart View Tip: Cascading copies of your sheets

Have you ever struggled with copying worksheets from Smart View? In our series of Smart View tips, we share our experiences so you can get even more out of your Oracle applications. This time, we’ll take a look at – the quite unknown – feature of ‘cascading’ Smart View ad-hoc sheets. How does it work, […]

Worried about the End of Maintenance of your SAP BPC application?

SAP Maintenance Strategy First of all, to fully comprehend what SAP’s ‘End Of Maintenance’ dates really mean, we need to understand SAP’s Maintenance Strategy, which defines the extent and conditions of maintenance for SAP software releases. There are three different maintenance phases defined in SAP’s Maintenance Strategy: Mainstream maintenance Extended maintenance Customer-specific maintenance Mainstream maintenance: […]

How to lock reported periods in FCCS

Data accidently being changed for the closed and reported periods is an unfortunate mistake. Luckily, this is quite easy to avoid. In FCCS, owners can lock precisely those entities they want to keep unchanged. However, locking can give a validation message. A few easy steps to successfully lock periods. Prohibiting users from entering data in […]

Metadata on the fly

Oracle Data Management makes your life easier, both in the cloud and on-premise. However, failures in loading data can occur, often due to missing metadata members. Solving these missing members is a time-consuming task. Automating these steps will save you time and downtime. Done manually, solving the missing metadata members in the application takes a […]

Patching Oracle EPM/ Hyperion – Q3 2018

Each quarter, Oracle releases patches for all its products, including your Hyperion products. And each quarter we give you an overview of the most important changes. Which patches are relevant to your organization? With this article, we will list the most recent patches for the Hyperion Products (HFM, Planning, Essbase, EPMA, Reporting, Foundation and Shares […]

Safe returns

More and more companies are using EPM Cloud applications, like FCCS and PBCS. Although there are many benefits using Oracle EPM Cloud applications, there is a drawback; only one daily backup is available. This means that if you need a backup of more than a week old, you’re stuck. How can you ensure that you […]