Journals & Oracle Smart View

Do you work a lot with Excel, or do you often have to create large journals? You can now use the latest version of Oracle Smart View for journals and journal reports. This newest version saves you a trip to Oracle HFM Workspace. And in Excel, you can quickly copy, paste, and edit journal lines. […]

How to get your figures straight from the source with Oracle FDMEE

Most Oracle Hyperion users still read actual figures with ‘flat files’ via Oracle FDMEE. This method is often chosen because of the speed of implementation. And all too often because it is referred to as ‘best practice’. However, you could also use a different and much easier setup. In this blog, we’ll show you how […]

Workflow planning in Oracle HFM

Alert – now it’s your turn. Automatic emails can make the consolidation process a lot easier. How do you set up process control properly, and with different review levels? 3 steps to activate email alerts. By using Process Control Management, you can automatically send the responsible persons an e-mail alert when a status change occurs. […]

Simpler testing within Oracle HFM

Testing adjustments carefully is crucial. This is how you protect your production environment and keep the application stable. However, testing is not always that simple. Your test environment for example; it should be identical to your production environment, where the smallest deviation can cause a lot of (unnecessary) inconvenience. How do you quickly arrange a […]

MSAD and Oracle Hyperion – how will this remain a happy marriage?

Do you use Microsoft Active Directory (MSAD) to log into Oracle Hyperion? Then you need to take action to keep the link between Hyperion and MSAD working. What is going on? Microsoft has produced a document explaining that there will be a change in communication between MSAD and products that use MSAD via the LDAP […]

How to Create a Financial Reporting Batch in Oracle HFM

Every month, you prepare the financial reports. And every month, you send them to various people within the organization. What if you could automatically mail the reports to the desired end users as one Report Book? Fortunately, using a Financial Reporting Batch enables you to do so. How does a Financial Reporting Batch work within […]

Top 3 most common BI issues from practice

Organizations spend an unnecessary amount of time on Business Intelligence (BI). On preparing reports, sharing insights, and maintaining systems. Recognizable? You have large amounts of data sources available, many Excel overviews, and reports via other tools. In addition, your environment is constantly changing, and the need for new insights and information is increasing. At the […]

How important is support during the selection of EPM software?

Tom: “Let’s have a look at what is happening in the field of selections first. We are currently seeing several trends. The first trend is that most of the solutions now run in the cloud or at least are hosted externally. In addition, we see that software suppliers are on the move. Think of Oracle […]

5 reasons to outsource the hosting of your EPM application

If you want to outsource the hosting of your EPM applications, there are several options. For example, you can choose from: Dedicated hosting at Swap Support Azure platform from Microsoft Swap Support Azure platform Amazon What are the benefits of outsourcing? And why do other organizations choose to do so? We share the 5 main […]

Why You Should Upgrade Your CCH Tagetik Application

Reasons you should consider:  New functionalities CCH Tagetik provides multiple times a year a new release of their application in which the latest innovations and improvements are implemented. These releases ensure their clients have an all-in-one finance transformation platform that meets their business demands. Business Growth As mentioned earlier, the financial industry is changing continuously due to governmental compliance and reporting, but […]