Tested: Oracle HFM 11.2

In December, Oracle released the latest version of HFM: 11.2.0. And of course, we have extensively tested this new version in our test lab. What are the consequences for your environment? And what functional and technical adjustments can you expect? Gabor Wieringa and Victor Brandsma share their findings. HFM 11.2 is still under development. Since […]

The 5 classic mistakes in setting up an EPM support environment

Is there an upgrade and patch plan? Does the support department have enough process knowledge?  Is the security up to date? In this article we provide insight into the five most common mistakes in setting up a management environment, based on our 10 years of experience in management. With regard to management, we distinguish three […]

SAP extends maintenance on SAP BPC

In the past 1 to 2 years we have heard a lot about SAP’s roadmap for the product portfolio for planning and consolidation solutions. In particular, we have heard that Group Reporting for consolidation and Sap Analytics Cloud for planning were the solutions for the future. And they still are. We only heard changing messages […]

How does your monthly closing process score?

The month end is usually a busy period with tight deadlines, during which there is no time to waste. Also, various stakeholders want to receive their figures faster and faster so they can respond to the rapidly changing world around us. As a result, the pressure to deliver the reports on time only increases. Month […]

3 x Oracle support – spot the differences

Oracle has three types of support for the Hyperion products, depending on the release date of the version. Sounds logical. But what support can you rely on for your product? And what are the consequences of these support levels for your landscape? Good to know: Oracle will not abandon you, whatever form of Oracle support […]

New: Oracle HFM 11.2

HFM 11.2 is brand new. We will therefore extensively test this version in our test lab. But first, let’s have a look at the impact of 11.2: What are the consequences for your landscape? After a long wait, Oracle HFM 11.2 has been released last December. This latest version of HFM is the successor to […]

How to prevent delays during your close

Every month you want to get your close done and dusted as quickly and smoothly as possible. That’s why you’ve put the right Performance Management solution in place, and set up your processes in a smart way. But it can still happen that you run into delays. How can you prevent these? Bert Dotinga shares […]

How to choose between SAP HANA and SQL for CCH Tagetik?

These days, you’re not done once you have selected a new EPM solution. You also have to select a tool for your database-management system (DBMS). Take CCH Tagetik, for instance. You can run it on various DBMSs such as SAP HANA, MS SQL, Oracle, and Postgres. Of these, SQL is the most widely used, but […]

Smart View Tip: Cascading copies of your sheets

Have you ever struggled with copying worksheets from Smart View? In our series of Smart View tips, we share our experiences so you can get even more out of your Oracle applications. This time, we’ll take a look at – the quite unknown – feature of ‘cascading’ Smart View ad-hoc sheets. How does it work, […]