Latest updates and patches for Oracle Hyperion

Every quarter, Oracle releases patches for all her products, including your Hyperion products. These announcements are not always clear or easy to find. Which updates are relevant to your organization? And is it always necessary to apply these patches? In this article, we will list the most recent patches for the Hyperion Products: HFM Planning […]

Three ways to start up HFM

The HFM configuration settings provide a lot of options. One of the more interesting options, DSStartupOption, targets the way you want HFM to start. Oracle claims in their documentation that there are two options, however there is a third one as well. What are the three options, and which option should you choose? When Oracle […]

How does Equity Pick Up work in Oracle HFM? Part 1

Calculating the current value (equity) of all the subsidiaries on the balance can be time consuming and error prone. Equity Pick Up (EPU) in Oracle HFM helps to create an accurate and smooth flow, enabling you to easily include the correct value of each subsidiary. How does Equity Pick Up work in HFM? Most organizations […]

Measuring models

Technological developments like HANA and the continuous price decreases in RAM-memory allows us to process larger amounts of data faster, which enables us to create more complex models. Information systems integrate more and more, causing an increase in complexity and mutual dependency. This progress has many advantages, but it also brings challenges. In the world […]

Is the new Oracle HFM 11.2.4. really faster than 11.2.3?

Can we consolidate 40% faster? According to Gabor Wieringa at Swap Support, we can. He has proven that Oracle HFM 11.2.4 is actually faster. In addition to the new application, there are also other elements that can accelerate the consolidation. Curious? Curious about the possibilities to improve the performance of your Hyperion application? Please contact Gabor […]

Performance tuning x 5

Improving the performance of financial applications often leads to a call for additional or larger servers. However, performance is always a sum of functional elements, user perception and hardware. Just like making quality furniture is based on the sum of fine wood, experience and the right tools. 5 recommendations from the practice of performance tuning: 1. […]

Outsourcing: more than just a cost issue.

A few years back, the choice between outsourcing or hosting & supporting the application yourself was mainly a cost issue. Now, however, we increasingly see multiple factors playing a role in the decision about outsourcing. 1. Continuity Continuous assurance of the accuracy of the figures, the quality of the planning process and the timeliness of financial […]