Cloud & hosting

Would you like to focus entirely on the reports and a successful month-end, without worrying about applications, licenses and hardware? Moving to the cloud means you have flexible access to software and hardware, without having these on-premise. This will save you time and money.
Save time and money by moving to the cloud

With a careful balance of both public and private cloud, we ensure the safety of the data in a fully certified data center. Using the latest technical capabilities, our specialists ensure guaranteed performance.

EPM cloud tools save costs

Performance Management in the cloud is user-based; you only pay for what you use. This allows you to respond flexibly to organizational changes. Moreover, there are no costs for the purchase of hardware or hidden IT costs associated with the legacy systems and management. This provides efficiency and cost savings, both CapEx and OpEx.

IT, finance and support: one combined advice

We believe in achieving a quick solution without complicated procedures. To ensure this, we use a collaborative approach based on proven steps and with one point of contact, in the Netherlands. One phone call gives access to the experts of both Swap Support, her sister organization Finext and her partner Referit. Through this partnership, you get one combined advice from all the specialists needed to use Performance Management in the cloud.

Case study

Curious about the experiences of other organizations with performance management in the cloud? Please read the case study of GlobalCollect.