Covid-19 and Swap Support

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, and anticipating further measures from the authorities, our emergency and business continuity plan to guarantee ongoing service has been brought into effect.

From Monday 16 March onwards:

  • All staff is required to work from home, our offices are closed. Visitors are required to re-schedule or virtualize their meetings.
  • All international travel is suspended.
  • Customer guidelines for on-premise visits are followed, non-essential meetings are postponed or virtualized.

In doing so, Swap Support is following the instructions of the WHO and the RIVM.

As all our services can be delivered from a remote location and all our IT infrastructure is cloud based, we do not expect any disruption in our services and your service levels remain guaranteed. The Service Desk upholds normal availability through the regular telephone and email channels.

If you do have difficulty in reaching out to us or if you would like to have more information on the measures we have taken, please contact your Service Level Manager.