Anaplan is the leader in cloud Connected Planning, enabling dynamic, collaborative, and intelligent planning across departments, and providing huge time savings. Information and changes in Anaplan are available instantly, which is required for better-informed plans and accelerated decisions.
Anaplan allows business processes to be improved by making them faster without compromising their effectiveness.

Anaplan connects your people, plans and data

The Anaplan platform offers a new approach to planning. To enable collaboration, the platform was built in the cloud, for the cloud. To address exploding data volume and variety, including data from unstructured and online sources, it leverages standards-based data integration that can bring in data from any source. To meet real-time modeling and calculation demands, the platform combines the benefits of cube, columnar, and cell-based frameworks with an in-memory modeling environment and a multi-threaded calculation engine.

Anaplan Round

As a budgeting, planning and forecasting tool, this solution differs from other EPM tools due to its strong points: versatility, flexibility, and visibility.

  • Versatility: Capacity to be useful and convenient within many different areas of the business. From FP&A, inventory, territory and quota plans to sales compensation calculations or forecasts, Anaplan models can be effectively adapted to the specific needs of each company. Furthermore, it can deal with extensive amounts of data without slowing down the calculations.


  • Flexibility: Ability to control your model and to make changes avoiding the need to work through an IT team for everything. As well, personalized dashboards can be made available per user.


  • Visibility: Anaplan is a cloud solution so all users can be sure that they are looking at the same data, avoiding version conflicts and different numbers being circulated.

Success Cases