How do you guarantee the continuity and reliability of your financial applications? How do you ensure immediate access to specialist knowledge during the financial year-end? Our Service Desk specialists answer all your questions regarding SAP BPC, Anaplan, Tagetik Oracle or Hyperion. 10 hours a day, by phone.
Accurate, timely and reliable figures, even at crucial moments.

Support of Performance Management applications requires specialist knowledge. This knowledge is not only scarce, but must also be maintained continuously. Moreover, the expertise is often needed only a few days each month. For many organizations it is not viable to have this expertise in-house.

However, for our specialists this expertise is core business. They are working daily with the latest developments and opportunities. For example, we are the largest specialized SAP BPC Service Desk in the Benelux.

Outsourcing support of financial systems yields much; it is more efficient, cheaper and reduces worries during peak times in the financial calendar. This allows you to focus on your core business.

Proven approach

With a proven approach at the cutting edge of IT, finance and support, we help you with functional, technical and application support. This guarantees accurate, timely and reliable figures. During the whole financial calender, even at crucial moments.

Case study

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