Support & Technology

How do you ensure the reliability and accuracy of your Performance Management Applications? Guaranteeing the quality and continuity of Anaplan, Oracle Hyperion, OneStream, SAP BPC or Tagetik requires specific expertise, which is scarce. By outsourcing support & technology, specialists will take care of these specific activities.
Fast installment and a reliable ServiceDesk.

Knowledge & Expertise

IT, finance and technology fields are constantly developing and changes happen continuously. Swap Support not only combines the technical expertise but also the in-depth knowledge of financial processes necessary to advise and support you at each level (operational, tactical and strategic).

Also, close collaboration with our sister organization Finext provides a seamless transition between implementation and support.

Support, Technology and strategy

We assist with all aspects of managing your financial applications in Oracle Hyperion, Anaplan, OneStream SAP BPC or Tagetik. Fast installment and a reliable ServiceDesk, improving the performance of your application and making the right choices for a coherent IT landscape.