Webinar | EPM Toolselection | Tips & Tricks

Is the end of life support date for your EPM application getting closer? Or do you finally want to take the step to the newest software in the field of Performance Management? Or are you just curious what else the world has to offer? Whatever your reason for switching to a new Performance Management (EPM) system. Start in time with your roadmap for your future planning and consolidation solution and tool selection. This way, you avoid making mandatory choices and you will be well prepared for the implementation.

Webinar EPM Toolselection: Tips & Tricks

Our sister company Finext has a proven step-by-step plan that incorporates best practices from the past 20 years. This allows them to carry out the selection efficiently and predictably. They offer a menu for the selection process, with a number of ingredients to choose from in each step. In addition, we at Swap Support have gained a great deal of support experience in the various EPM technologies over the past 10 years. To what extent do you include the support aspect in the tool selection? In this webinar we will discuss the following topics:

  • How do you approach a tool selection process?
  • What are the most important tips & tricks from practice?
  • What should you pay attention to with regard to support?
  • What are the most important differences with regard to management on a SAAS or on premise application?
  • What should you pay attention to with regard to the integration with the rest of your IT landscape?
  • How can we guide you in a tool selection?

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