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Everything you need to know to comply with the changes in Solvency II in CCH Tagetik

For the first time since 2016, the Solvency II regulatory reporting will undergo a long list of changes. These changes are mandatory, and the expected impact is much more significant than in previous years.

For many insurance companies, the changes will have a lot of impacts – much more than in previous years. One of the main challenges is that the regulatory changes affect your processes, internal data source systems, and CCH Tagetik. With so many changes, the new taxonomy may seem daunting. Add the CCH Tagetik upgrade releases to your ongoing reporting calendar, and it may seem like one challenge too many.

The good news is: it is achievable to comply with the new Solvency II requirements without sleepless nights. Discover our pragmatic approach to incorporate the mandatory changes accurately and on time.

Topics in this whitepaper:

Cover whitepaper CCH Tagetik Solvency II

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