EPM solutions for SME

As a small or medium enterprise, you want to rely on valuable information and insights just like larger companies do. However, state-of-the-art EPM solutions such as SAP or OneStream can be quite a large investment. At Swap Support, we have developed full-service platform solutions specifically aimed at small and medium enterprises. These solutions enable you to use SAP or OneStream on a subscription base, making valuable insights affordable for any company.

How do we help you with the support and hosting of your solutions? 

Standardized or tailor-made

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions such as SAP or OneStream give you many benefits. You gain valuable insights based on reliable, accurate data and reports. Creating these reports and a robust audit trail becomes so much easier.

Moving from Excel to an EPM solution takes away a lot of the disadvantages of using spreadsheets, such as copying & pasting and handling various versions. Using an EPM solution increases the timeliness and accuracy of your reports. Also, you reduce the number of repetitive and time-consuming activities, allowing your team to focus on analyzing and advising instead of gathering data.

Cloud-based EPM solutions for SME

Some small or medium enterprises (SME) hesitate about moving to EPM solutions. They worry about the right type of application and the know-how needed to implement and maintain the application.

With our full-service platforms for SAP and OneStream, you don’t have to worry about anything.

We take care of:

  • Implementation
  • Licenses
  • Hardware
  • Support

OneStream for SME

Take your first steps with the OneStream platform without making a significant investment. Our OneStream implementation solution for small and medium-sized businesses is affordable and subscription-based.


Benefit from all that SAP has to offer. Our subscription-based Smart Financial Management (SFM) makes SAP affordable for small and medium-sized companies. Within a few implementation days, you can start using the standard module based on best practices.

Affordable one-stop-shop for your EPM solution

We believe in achieving a quick solution without complicated procedures. You can rely on our collaborative approach based on proven steps and one point of contact in the Netherlands.

One phone call gives access to the experts of Swap Support, our sister organization Finext, and our partner Referit. Through this partnership, you get combined advice from all the specialists needed to use Performance Management for your company.

Combination of public and tailored cloud

Our full-service platform solutions for SAP and OneStream give you flexible access to software and hardware in the cloud. These solutions are SaaS (Software as a Solution)-based, saving you time and money.

With a careful balance of both public and tailored cloud we ensure the safety of the data in a fully certified data center. Using the latest technical capabilities, our specialists ensure the guaranteed performance of your EPM solution. Our solutions for SMEs are entirely cloud-based, which means no internal IT capacity is needed.

“It’s a misconception that EPM solutions are only affordable for large enterprises. Our platform enables cutting edge technology for all companies.”

Kasper van Dongen

Founder & Director

Kasper van Dongen