Support for OneStream

OneStream is emerging as one of the leading Performance Management solutions. The powerful software unifies financial and business processes such as consolidation, reporting, planning, and analytics in one extensible platform. In addition, the OneStream MarketPlace offers apps for various specific functionalities like IFRS 16. 

How do we help you with the support and hosting of your OneStream application? 

What is important in the support of OneStream

One of the strengths of OneStream is the possibility to automate your processes and integrate your data throughout the organization. Many organizations use the workflows, for example, to organize your functions and relieve your team of repetitive tasks.

Scripting possibilities give you the flexibility to tailor the platform to your wishes. Often, we see that scripting is not used so much for consolidation processes, as these are usually fairly standard, but primarily for management accounting processes such as planning. However, scripting does require some technical knowledge and can lead to more maintenance. Our experts understand this and advise you on suitable scripting options for your situation.

Making the best choices with life cycle management

The EPM market is ever-changing and dynamic. As such, it is crucial to keep one eye on the future constantly.

As your support partner, we ensure you are kept up to date with the latest developments and what they mean for your situation. Our life cycle management approach helps you to get the most out of your landscape.


How to get the most out of your OneStream platform?

Discover the ins and outs in 3 + 1 steps.

Additional functionalities at the OneStream Market Place

In addition to the Performance Management processes built in the platform, you can choose various functionalities at the OneStream Market Place. Here, you can buy apps for specific functions, such as tax reporting and IFRS 16.

These apps make a great addition to the platform but require technical know-how to implement and integrate the apps in your applications. Our specialists help you choose the right apps and implement them into your processes.

Various options for the hosting of OneStream

OneStream offers its platform both in the cloud and on-premise. At Swap Support, we provide a third, hybrid option: on-premise with hosting in our private cloud.

We’ve developed this hybrid solution as for some organizations moving to the public cloud is less desirable due to IT or security policies. This option gives you the benefits of a cloud solution, such as no hardware needed, combined with the benefits of keeping the platform on-premise. Also, this hybrid hosting option is often more cost-effective than full cloud or on-premise options.


Partnership with OneStream

Our OneStream consultants are all up to date on the latest developments. At Swap Support, we have close ties with the OneStream team. An example of our close relationship is that one of the consultants at OneStream flew from the United States to Holland to train 10 of our support consultants.

“Combining OneStream & Swap Support gives you the double benefit of the all-in-one EPM solution with the all-in-one support partner.”

Gabor Wieringa

EPM Consultant