Support for Anaplan

Anaplan is one of the leaders in cloud Connected Planning. The platform is entirely cloud-based, enabling dynamic, collaborative, and intelligent planning across departments. Information and changes in Anaplan are available instantly, leading to better-informed plans, accelerated decisions, and substantial time savings.

How do we help you with the support and hosting of your Anaplan application? 

To address exploding data volume and variety, including data from unstructured and online sources, Anaplan leverages standards-based data integration to bring in data from any source. To meet real-time modeling and calculation demands, the platform combines the benefits of cube, columnar, and cell-based frameworks with an in-memory modeling environment and a multi-threaded calculation engine. 

Anaplan can be used for many different areas of your business. From FP&A, inventory, territory, and quota plans to sales compensation calculations or forecasts, Anaplan models can be effectively adapted to the specific needs of each company. 

Anaplan framework

Making the best choices with life cycle management

Another strength of Anaplan is the stability of the platform. Our support services often focus on life cycle management to help you and your users get all the benefits out of Anaplan. How can you use each feature for your organization? What is the impact of new updates or new reporting capabilities?

Our support experts have in-depth knowledge of both Anaplan and finance, helping you understand and use all the features of Anaplan.


Get even more out of your Anaplan platform

Discover how in our whitepaper “How to get the most out of your financial application”.

What is essential in supporting Anaplan?

Being a flexible planning tool is one of the strengths that has made Anaplan one of the top leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions. But this same flexibility can also cause your users to be uncertain about using Anaplan’s features, as there are many ways to:  

  • set up workflows 
  • organize information 
  • create graphics and dashboards 
  • make changes and improvements in the application 

These are essential topics as your users can easily get frustrated not knowing where to look for information, feeling they have not been trained properly, or feeling that the tool is not fulfilling all their needs. Here at Swap Support, we help your users find their way. We know how to grow your Anaplan application quickly and adapt to your business in a fast and structured way.


Swap Support and Anaplan

At Swap Support, we have years of experience supporting Anaplan. Our Anaplan consultants are all up to date on the latest developments and solutions. 

Taking full benefit of the flexibility of Anaplan

We understand the full capacity of Anaplan's functionalities and we know the ins and outs of financial processes. Our experts help you to set up:

  • Workflow configuration per user 
  • Clear information locations 
  • Nice and understandable graphics and KPIs 
  • Out-of-the-box solutions from the Anaplan Marketplace 
  • Evolutive application management by making structured changes

Our service desk is available by phone or email 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you and your users with any questions or incidents.

“Issues that impact your data often occur during a peak period. We help you to solve these issues so that your team can focus on their core expertise: finance.”

Juan Laherran

EPM/BI Consultant