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The continuity and reliability of your financial applications are crucial to ensure you reach your reporting deadlines. How do you guarantee the performance of your EPM applications? And how do you provide immediate access to specialist knowledge during the peak times in your reporting calendar? Our service desk specialists answer all your questions regarding your EPM application 10 hours a day, by phone or email 




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Ease of mind for your financial team 

The support of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications requires specialized knowledge. This knowledge is not only scarce but also needs to be maintained continuously. At Swap Support, supporting your consolidation or planning system is our core business. Our experts are daily engaged in the latest software developments and trends, such as the digital transformation and the increasing integration of EPM and BI.  

Our specialists combine in-depth knowledge of financial processes with years of experience supporting EPM applications. As the largest specialized Service Desk in EPM support in Europe, we help you reach your reporting deadlines without any worries, giving you and your team ease of mind.  

Efficiently ensuring the continuity of your EPM solutions  

By complementing your team with our specialized support and hosting service, you can flexibly switch the required capacity on and off. Often, the expertise is only needed for a few days a month. For many organizations, it is therefore not profitable to have this expertise in-house.  

Due to the easy scalability of our innovative support model, you never pay too much for your support. Do you need more capacity due to ad-hoc requests or changes in your team? Then we’ll immediately scale up your support so that you won’t run the risk of capacity problems.

Proven approach

Our clients tell us that complementing their team with our support and hosting services is very beneficial; they state it is more efficient, more reliable, and reduces worries at peak moments in the financial calendar. 

Our unique proven approach ensures that the figures are accurate, timely, and reliable, even at crucial moments. At Swap Support, you always have quick access to an expert, giving you the peace of mind needed to focus on your core business. 

Reactive support

15 hours a day, 7 days a week to solve your urgent issues

Preventive support

Ensuring the performance and continuity of your applications

Proactive support

Aligning the latest software developments and trends with your users' requirements

Making the best choices for your integrated landscape

We are independent of any software supplier, so we can help you make the best choices for your applications and your entire landscape. Our experts help you get the most out of your solutions with application lifecycle management. They help your organization benefit from digitalization and give you pragmatic, independent advice about the best long-term decisions.

Single point of contact for EPM support, BI support, and hosting 

EPM and BI are becoming more and more integrated, increasing the demand for specialists with expertise in both fields. At the same time, hosting platforms are evolving, giving you an increasing choice of options to host your applications, such as: 

  • Microsoft Azure platform  
  • Swap Support Azure platform 
  • Amazon 
  • MS Power platform 
  • Dedicated hosting at Swap Support 

Our specialists combine their expertise in EPM, BI, and hosting to give you integrated advice about incorporating these trends into your landscape and ensuring the best performance for your applications.  

We provide a dedicated service desk for all your EPM, BI, and hosting questions. This ensures that wherever in your landscape an issue arises, our experts look at all the different layers and aspects of your integrated landscape. This integrated approach reduces solve times, enables consistency, and avoids duplicate work. Also, your users don’t have to hesitate about who to contact; they can just call the service desk for all their questions, whatever the cause may be.

What our customers say

Helping you grow your business with flexible support levels 

We know what is needed to support your applications. We solve urgent issues, improve performance, and, together with you, establish a roadmap for the future. To ensure a smooth collaboration, we use Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to detail the agreed support levels for technical, functional, and applicational support. In our innovative support model, you can adjust your support level to seamlessly align with the growth of your company and the peak times in our reporting calendar.  


How to get the most out of your financial application

Ensure that your application continues to run optimally. In terms of performance, functionality, and stability.