Support for other EPM and BI solutions

As the largest EPM and BI support partner in Europe, we support not only well-known solutions but also newer or lesser-known EPM and BI solutions.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of EPM and BI solutions, enabling them to quickly transfer their expertise to new solutions. Also, they have the unique combination of technical and business knowledge needed to support EPM and BI solutions effectively and efficiently.

How do we help you with the support and hosting of your solutions? 

Supporting EPM & BI solutions

In our unique flexible model for BI support and EPM support, we help you to get the most out of your solutions. Our proven support approach ensures the performance and continuity of your solution, enabling you to focus on your core business.


Get the most out of your application

Discover pragmatic advice on getting even better results out of your applications.

“Our consultants are distinctive because of their combined knowledge of both finance processes and IT. No matter what technology your organization uses, you can always rely on our support and expertise.”

Judith Pennings

Sales specialist & Consultant

Judith Pennings