Support for SAP EPM

At Swap Support, we have over a decade of experience in supporting various SAP EPM solutions.  Our dedicated support specialists help you to get the most out of your applications.

How do we help you with the support and hosting of your SAP EPM? 

Roadmap for SAP BPC  

SAP has indicated that it has a ‘Cloud first’ strategy with SAP Group Reporting for consolidation and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) for planning and BI. Within this strategy, customers are encouraged to move to the cloud where possible. For many organizations, this is not possible due to regulations or policy requirements. As a result, it has been decided to move the end of mainstream maintenance of the various SAP BPC versions further into the future. In short, the shift means that both BPC 10.1 NW, BPC 11.1, and BPC Optimized will now be supported up to and including 2027. For BPC MS 10.1, the support has been postponed until June 2026.  

The underlying databases will also continue to run for a more extended period. For example, BW 7.5 will remain at least until 2027 and is expected to be extended to 2030. BW/4HANA, the underlying platform for BPC 11, will be supported at least until 2040. The same applies to the S/4HANA ERP system on which both BPC Optimized and Group Reporting depend. As a result, tools such as BPC 11.1 and BPC Optimized could be extended in maintenance. 

Need to know more about the roadmap strategy of SAP or the extension of the end-of-life support per BPC version? Please read the article and watch our webinar. 

Life cycle management and your SAP EPM landscape

The SAP landscape is ever-changing and dynamic. As such, it is crucial to keep one eye on the future constantly. As your support partner, we ensure you are kept up to date with the latest developments and what they mean for your situation. SAP has split its roadmap into two tracks, one for planning and one for consolidation. Also, SAP has indicated Group Reporting and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) as their strategic solutions going forward.

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What is essential for the support of SAP EPM? 

One of the distinguishing features of the SAP EPM suite is that SAP provides many different possibilities to tailor the applications to your wishes. This flexibility is undoubtedly a benefit; however, it demands in-depth knowledge of your application’s technical and functional aspects, business processes, IT landscape, and SAP roadmap. Our experts have this expertise. We can help you make the right choices to get the most out of your SAP EPM suite, now and in the future.  

Also, SAP provides a complete platform for the various processes of different departments within your organization. In the cloud, Group Reporting and SAC are two different applications which need to be integrated. Add to this the trend that EPM and BI are increasingly being integrated, and your SAP users probably come from many different departments with each their own processes and wishes. We understand this, and our support experts know precisely how to help you with both EPM support and BI support and how to integrate the various applications.

Actively monitoring your SAP EPM applications 

At Swap Support, our experts actively monitor your SAP EPM applications. We have developed specific parameters for each application, whether it’s SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), SAP Group Reporting, SAP BPC, or SAP BW. These parameters help determine the status of your applications so that we can take proactive measures to ensure the continuity and performance of your SAP platform. 

Another important aspect is the retention of knowledge that we provide. Technical and functional support is only a part of what we do. The personal relationship and intimate know-how of your system are essential parts of our support services.  

“I can now deploy my team for the activities I want them to do.”

Eric de Vries

Lucas Bols

Hosting your SAP EPM applications

To get the best possible performance out of your SAP EPM applications, being able to finetune all elements of the platform is very beneficial. Our hosting options help control the entire chain from the technical server landscape to the end-user.  

At Swap Support, we can provide hosting services in various shapes and forms. From basic hosting to fully integrated SAAS solutions. We understand how your specific SAP application works on each type of hosting platform and can advise you about the pros and cons of each option.  

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Fully qualified silver level SAP partner

As the largest specialized SAP EPM support partner in Europe, our experts have years of experience supporting the SAP EPM suite. We are a fully qualified SAP partner and have been awarded a Silver Level partnership. Together with our sister company Finext, we have a network of certified consultants and support specialists.

Over a decade of experience

At Swap Support, we have over a decade of experience in supporting various SAP EPM solutions. We started with the Microsoft SAP BPC version when it was launched, and we played an active role in the launch of the BW version, which we support to this day.  

Of course, many things have changed since SAP bought Outlooksoft. We supported the BW version from the start, and we have expanded our portfolio with the latest releases such as SAC, SAP Group Reporting, and SAP HANA. As your support partner, we can guarantee a smooth transition during the migration to SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and Group Reporting. We help you with quality control and live cycle management but also play an active role in all the related development activities.

“Our customers stay with us for a long time and we help retain the knowledge of the SAP landscape within their organization. Even when the organization is rapidly changing.”

Ruben Rombouts

EPM/ BI Consultant

Ruben Rombouts