Easy-to-install OneStream XF features you should be aware of

Do you use OneStream at work? Are you interested in the tool and want to know more about the free features available for every OneStream user? The OneStream XF MarketPlace offers a range of interesting additional features for the platform. But it can be hard to decide which applications will benefit you most compared to the effort involved in implementing that application. Discover how to choose the right OneStream XF features.

Installation OneStream features

Get the most out of your OneStream application

OneStream XF MarketPlace is accessible to all OneStream users. Here, you can find many solutions that can be downloaded and installed for free. You just log in:

Next, you gain access to an entire portfolio of solutions on this platform:

Here, you can select which solution you want to download, read the documentation for its implementation, and download it to later install the solution in your application.

As easy as that! Well… Probably this is not so easy, and we will explain why…

The biggest challenge in using the OneStream MarketPlace 

Should you download and install all the solutions available in the Marketplace on your application? The answer is no. Having the possibility to implement these features from the MarketPlace is priceless, but you need to make some tough choices to get the most out of the MarketPlace. After all, it would take a lot of effort to implement them all. 

This is the biggest challenge. Because how do you pick the right ones? When it comes to the functionality of each one and the amount of work for its implementation and integration with your current system, it is not so clear at first sight.

Information about solutions in the OneStream MarketPlace

Every solution is presented in the MarketPlace with the following:

  • Screenshots showing the central dashboards of the solution
  • Overview description with a high-level explanation highlighting the most important uses and functionalities so users can have a general idea.
  • Release Notes
  • Instructions

The idea is that as a user, you should be able to understand the tool’s usage and how to install it.

The tricky part, however, is to fully understand the usage of each solution by just reading the Overview description. In most cases, it is recommended to go through the entire instructions document to assess if the application is suitable for your company and can fulfill your needs.

How to choose from more than 50 solutions in the OneStream MarketPlace

There are more than 50 solutions available, and they are used to achieve entirely different goals and requirements in your business. When choosing the right solutions, it’s essential to look at the following 3 factors:

  1. Complexity
    Solutions can vary from pretty basic functionalities to complex models.
  2. Implementation Time
    The implementation time ranges from 2 hours to 2 weeks or more. It depends mainly on the chosen solution. The current set-up of your application also plays a role, but a much smaller one.
  3. Knowledge requirements
    Depending on the solution, it can be accessible to every user or require a high expertise level.

Our advice? In most cases, it is crucial to do a proper assessment, preferably before choosing an application but certainly before starting the installation process.

At Swap Support, we often receive questions from our clients when they want to use the MarketPlace. This is why we have decided to create a webinar about the top-3 solutions that - based on our experience - have a high return on investment. 

If you need any help in making the correct assessment or need to know more about the features of the different Marketplace solutions, please drop us a line.

Discover the top-3 MarketPlace solutions with low investment – high return

As OneStream’s partner offering support to many OneStream users worldwide, at Swap Support, we have researched which MarketPlace solutions every organization should use if on the OneStream platform. 

In our upcoming webinar, we want to share the top-3 Marketplace solutions we recommend to our customers. 

Why these solutions? The answer is simple, they can be installed easily in every OneStream application, and most companies require the functionalities provided. We went through the list and selected the ones with the lowest investment, easy to implement, and with a high return on investment. Do you want to know more about our top-3? 

Watch our webinar about the best 3 MarketPlace solutions

During our 30 mins webinar, we will walk through our selection. Discover how to get even more out of your OneStream platform with these applications from the MarketPlace.




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