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Do you work a lot with Excel, or do you often have to create large journals? You can now use the latest version of Oracle Smart View for journals and journal reports. This newest version saves you a trip to Oracle HFM Workspace. And in Excel, you can quickly copy, paste, and edit journal lines. How can you use this innovative tool for your activities?


You can use this handy way of editing and creating journals in the latest version of Oracle Smart View; that means from Smart View version in combination with Oracle Hyperion Financial management (HFM) version or later. Using this setup, you can create, submit and (un)post journals and view journal reports. What you cannot do with this method – unlike in Oracle HFM itself – is open or close periods. Also, you cannot create templates and journal groups.

Where to start using Oracle Smart View to create your journals?

If we want to create a journal, we start with ‘Create Journals’:


Via the following screen, you can create journals; either blank ones or based on a (recurring) template:


If we click on ‘Create’, we can create a journal. Notice the new tab at the top of “Oracle Journals”. You can choose your POV[DG1] by double-clicking on the dimension members in the sheet or via the ‘Member selection’ button at the top left. After we have created and saved our journal, we can submit and post it.

The advantage of creating larger journal entries in Oracle Smart View

A big advantage of working via Oracle Smart View compared to Oracle HFM Workspace is that you can easily copy and paste lines. This way, you can quickly create larger journal entries.


Via the ‘Edit’ button at the top of the screen, you can adjust the properties of the journal, as shown below:


Approve, post, and modify journals in Oracle Smart View

We can maintain our journals in Oracle Smart View via ‘Manage Journals’ by approving, (un)posting, opening, and changing. Just like in Oracle HFM itself, we can also filter in Smart View in columns such as ‘created by’ or ‘approved by’.


Using Oracle Smart View for your journal reports

Smart View also works well for your journal reports. For example, you can now request your reports via Smart View:



How to download Oracle Smart View

Do you not have a Smart View with journal functionality yet? Then downloading Smart View should be your very first step.

Go to Workspace and navigate as shown below:

journalen8Then, choose the option to download the latest version and install it. Next, you’ll get the journal options with your Excel Smart View add-in. See below:


Smart Oracle tools for your financial processes

The combination of Oracle Smart View and Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) gives you user-friendly options for your journals and journal reports. With this intelligent tool, you can set up and adjust your journals faster and more flexibly, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

Looking for more intelligent tools for your consolidation?

Please contact Bert Dotinga, he is happy to discuss the possibilities of an intelligent toolbox for your organization with you.

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Text: Bert Dotinga

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