Magic & more… in Oracle Hyperion Planning

Apparently unexplained errors can arise during an installation or migration. Finding the reason for these errors may take a lot of time. However, the solution is often found in a tiny detail. In the “Magic & more” series, we share our discoveries with you. This time, we’ll discuss a detail in Oracle Hyperion Planning.


We discovered that if you are moving your Oracle Hyperion Planning application from one environment in to the other (also in, you’ll need to refresh the security filters when you deploy the application.

This is especially important if:

  • You have updated the security classes on members in the dimension.
  • You adjusted/added users in user groups in Shared Services.
  • You have renamed security groups in Shared Services.

An example

During the migration at one of our customer we ran into several inexplicable error messages. An example of such an error message:

“Import failed, total – 1, failed – 1. Error details – Cannot import Access permission”

After investigation, the reason for these errors was that the Shared Services User groups in the export out of Hyperion Planning Production environment were different from the groups in Shared Services on the Development environment. This caused the import into the environment to fail.

How to prevent this error in Oracle Hyperion Planning

In addition to refreshing your application before migrating, make sure that you deploy groups, users and provisioning within Oracle Hyperion Planning itself as well. This ensures that your application is in sync with the security filters.

To solve the issue in our example, we applied this solution. First, we refreshed the security filters within Oracle Hyperion Planning. The refresh corrected the user groups name after which a newly created export was successfully imported on the Development environment.

If you encounter an unexplained error in Oracle Hyperion Planning

The devil is in the detail. Did you encounter an unexplained error in Oracle Hyperion Planning? Please mail Mariska and she will help you solve it.

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Text: Mariska van Hasselt

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