Safe returns with extra backup functionality for Oracle FCC and PBC

More and more companies are using EPM Cloud applications, like FCCS and PBCS. Although there are many benefits using Oracle EPM Cloud applications, there is a drawback; only one daily backup is available. This means that if you need a backup of more than a week old, you’re stuck. How can you ensure that you have reliable backups, so you can easily restore calculations, accounts and reports?


As you don’t need the EPM application every day, you often discover that something went wrong a couple of days later or after the weekend. That’s the moment you need that backup from that specific day to restore that crucial financial data to the point where you know it was still correct.

SWAP-Automate Backup & Restore Manager

To solve this, we developed the ‘Swap-Automate Backup & Restore Manager’. This manager allows you to save your cloud backup (FCCS or PBCS) for x days on any local or cloud server. This way you do have this valuable backup available whenever you need it.

This functionality to schedule and retain your backups has been developed in a Windows application; ‘Swap-Automate Backup & Restore Manager’.


Where, when and how many

With our backup & restore application you decide yourself where, when and how many backups you want to make and retain. The location where you want to save your application can be anywhere, for example a local or cloud server. The built-in email functionality warns you if a backup cannot be made, for example when the cloud user password is expired or the disk(storage) is insufficient.


Create a ‘single’ backup

Beside the functionality to schedule backups, you can also create a single backup at any other moment with one click of a button. For example, before implementing a (large) change in production, so that if sometimes goes wrong, you’ll have the most current backup available to restore.

How does restoring work?

Whenever you need a backup, you go to ‘Restore’ in the ‘Swap Automate’ application and choose the appropriate backup file.

The backup will then be restored to the migration section in your EPM application. From here you can restore the complete application or specific elements, like certain forms or calculations.


New feature: Complete refresh of the application

In the newest version of Swap Automate, we built in a refresh function. Now you can refresh your test environment, completely and at once from your current production environment. This is very convenient if you need an actual version of the production environment on your test environment. For example, for reproducing an issue or developing a new change, like a report or calculation.


Control your backups

With the Swap Automate Backup & Restore Manager you control your own cloud backups. The Manager makes it easy to restore or copy an application. This way you don’t have to worry about the right backup and the loss of important data.

When acquiring the Swap Automate Backup & Restore Manager you will receive the following:

  • Swap Automate Backup & Recovery application.
  • Support for installation and usage.
  • Continuity; we will check and make the appropriate changes after each monthly update of Oracle EPM Cloud applications.
  • Development; we’re continuously working on improvements to enhance Swap Automate functionality.

Investing in the Swap Automate Backup & Restore Manager is a onetime cost of €2.500,- , with a yearly maintenance fee of € 500,-.

For more information, please contact Bert Dotinga via email or +31 (0)70 300 3035.

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