Stabilize your Oracle Hyperion environment

Experience shows that Oracle Hyperion environments perform in an adequate manner during implementation and right after going live. However, Hyperion applications are dynamic applications that tend to grow both in terms of data records and added functionality. How do you stabilize your Oracle Hyperion environment?

Stabilize your Oracle Hyperion environment

After a certain amount of time, the growth of the application and the data impacts the stability and performance of the application. How to maintain a Hyperion environment the business can rely on, especially during closing periods when it is of utmost importance to maintain a stable performance of the application?

A critical review

Regularly reviewing the environment is important. Monitoring the state of the environment provides corresponding actions to avoid potential problems and outages of the environment, thus increasing the stability.

To analyze the current state of the environment, the Hyperion application should be monitored on three different levels:

  1. Server level
  2. Application level
  3. Database level

In-depth analyses

All three levels impact the performance and stability of the application. To analyze these three levels, the following high-level actions have be taken:

  • Evaluate the relevant performance counters on both the Hyperion application servers and the underlying databases. For instance, CPU Load, Disk Queue Length and Memory usage.
  • Check the application specific log files for errors and potential problems that might not be noticed in day-to-day activities, but have a negative impact on the application.
  • Analyze the data growth trend of the application by analyzing the number of records, and evaluate whether the current platform specifications are adequate to ensure the performance, now and in the near future.
  • Tune the application components to ensure optimal usage of the available resources, thereby creating an optimal performance of the application.
  • Archive the system error messages and audit data.


Add the dynamics of Oracle

Not only the Hyperion application is a dynamic environment. Oracle also continuously improves the Hyperion product, providing extra functionality and patches that solve bugs on a regular base. The impact of these patches should be weighed in as well. Which patch is relevant, and how does it affect the stability?

Health Scan

Regularly reviewing your environment is important. Our Health Scan helps you to achieve this. In the Maintenance Scan, we will analyze the three levels in your own environment. We also provide a tailormade advice on which patches will be relevant to implement. This ensures that the Oracle Hyperion environment is using its full potential, keeps the system up-to-date, and stabilizes the system. Especially during the peak moments when the application is needed the most.

Text: Gabor Wieringa

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