Unlocking your CCH® Tagetik data with the cpmVision solution for Power BI

Increasingly, organizations want to connect their CCH® Tagetik landscape with dashboarding tools. For example, by combining the planning & budgeting data from CCH® Tagetik with the sales pipeline in Power BI. Discover the 4 current trends in integrating EPM and BI and how the cpmVision solution enables you to adapt to these trends. 

cpmVision solution

4 Trends in integrating EPM and BI

Integrating EPM and BI solutions is a distinctive trend in the market. Many companies want to get rid of PowerPoint decks and Excel spreadsheets and start sharing a dynamic report instead, such as Power BI, with all the intelligence you need. 

Secondly, most executives want to look at their management information in one central, user-friendly solution. Preferably a solution that’s accessible while on the road, for instance, on a mobile app. 

Thirdly, we see an increased need for insights by customized reporting of financial figures, whereas standard consolidation software has limited possibilities for doing so. 

Finally, many companies experience that CCH® Tagetik is an excellent solution to process forecasting and budgeting data but may lack the desired dashboarding functionalities. Also, we see companies having issues getting their standard CCH® Tagetik Power BI connectors to work as required. CCH® Tagetik stores data efficiently, and many measures are calculated ‘on the fly’ and are not stored as values in the database. Therefore, loading data directly into Power BI is insufficient, as essential data is unavailable for reporting.

Robust integration of CCH Tagetik and Power BI

The cpmVision solution, developed by our partner cpmVision, helps you adapt to these trends. It consists of a connector and a starter kit with reporting templates to get you up and running quickly. All this while our experts provide support and continuous development for both CCH® Tagetik and Power BI. 

The result? You can experience the combined benefits of both tools while having one Service Desk for all your questions. 

This enables you to focus on quickly creating, analyzing, and sharing insights. And with the mobile-ready standard reporting templates, you and your management team can do so even on the road.

The most exciting features of the cpmVision solution

Sharing, analyzing, and self-service will be easy and secure. The cpmVision solution will connect with CCH® Tagetik and extract new data in a heartbeat, providing the most up-to-date data. 

The most interesting features for many companies are:

  • Standardized reporting templates, including cpmVision report Pack. It holds basic reports like balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. 
  • Solid performance by connecting CCH® Tagetik to the cpmVision solution from which custom reports can be built and additional data sources can be added.
  • Central storage of data from CCH® Tagetik and possibly other data sources to explore new reporting possibilities, such as ESG reporting.
  • Exact replication of CCH® Tagetik data, including on-the-fly calculations (FST, Currency converted, and dynamic hierarchies).
  • The connector gives you all your Hierarchies and FSTs, dynamically synchronized with CCH® Tagetik. With the powerful Time Intelligence, you can now simply start your segment reporting and enable self-service analysis within one report. But also, ‘like for like’ comparisons and comments reporting on every hierarchy level make it easy to manage feedback and clarifications directly in your Power BI reports.

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Demo cpmVision solution:

Demo cpmVision - CCH Tagetik and Power BI