The Version Builder Wizard: build new versions easily in Oracle Planning

Creating new versions of your budget or forecast is crucial to the planning process. However, it can also be time-consuming and frustrating. The Version Builder Wizard helps you easily create new ‘what if’-versions of your budget or forecast. At Swap Support, we have further developed the Version Builder Wizard so that it can be used in any Oracle Planning environment. Whether you’re using Oracle PBC or Oracle NSPB, the wizard helps you create better budgets with less effort. Voorraadpotten

Optimizing budget and forecast versions in Oracle Planning

Whether you’re using Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting (NSPB) or Oracle Planning Budgeting Cloud (PBC), the planning process is essentially the same. Some organizations use the ‘sandbox’ feature to play around with specific figures before you input the figures definitively. But what if you want to create a new ‘what if' version that directly includes P&L adjustments by various percentages – in one go? Often, you have to ask your administrator to create a new version member, copy over the data from another working version, make the adjustments, and compare. What if you could do this in one step with a wizard guiding you?

Making the Version Builder Wizard available for any Oracle Planning environment

At Swap Support, we have further developed the Version Builder Wizard so that it can be used in any Oracle Planning environment. The Version Builder Wizard enables users to create new or adjusted versions themselves without an administrator interfering or needing to refresh the database first. Furthermore, they can enter the % change they want for specific sets of accounts – for example, cost of sales, revenues, and expenses.

Features of the Version Builder Wizard for Oracle Planning

With the Version Builder Wizard, you can:

  1. Create a new version or use an existing version (with a new alias)
  2. Select the source scenario/version/year and which periods to copy from (supports multiple years)
  3. Define the start year-period to copy to
  4. Decide the % adjustments per set of accounts
  5. Optionally, set the new version as the default in your user preferences.
  6. Decide for which entities you want to apply the changes.

Why the Version Builder Wizard helps you create better budgets in Oracle Planning

The features of the wizard make creating multiple budget versions a lot more efficient and effective:

  • Ease: Empower your users. They no longer need to ask admins to whip up a new version. Each user can do it themselves, and it’s instantly visible.
  • Speed: Cut down on turnaround time. Everyone can create, compare, and refine budgets quickly. 
  • Results: Produce better budgets effortlessly. With an easy way to generate and compare versions, you'll find the best option faster

How to use the Version Builder Wizard in any Oracle Planning environment

In the example below, we run the version builder from a form, but you could also run it directly as a business rule. 

We select 'Create Forecast Version' from the ‘Version Builder’ form below.

Builder Planning vs 1

This action will take us to the following wizard. In the first step, we select a new or existing version. In this example, we will create a new version:

Builder Planning 2

Now, we will be prompted to fill in the new version name. Have you selected ‘Use an existing version’ in the previous step? Then, you’ll see a selection box here where you can choose an existing version.

 Builder Planning 3

In the next step, you make the selections to copy from. In this case, we want to copy from the forecast-based version for 2022 and all 12 periods.

Builder Planning 4

You could also use this version builder to copy to a different (next) year or another start period. For example, you could copy actuals from last year to a new forecast or budget version this year. In this example, we will stick with 2022 and the first period.

Builder Planning 5

We can enter the % changes to specific accounts in the next step. In this example, we have 3 categories: revenue, cost of sales, and expenses. As you can see, you can select the accounts yourself, so you’re fully in control. We can customize the selections with more sets or dimensions if needed.

Builder Planning 6

In the last step, we can select to apply the changes to certain subsidiaries. Also, you can choose whether you want this version to be your ‘Set version’, which is related to your user preferences.

Builder Planning 7

After launching the version builder, you’ll see the new version directly in your overview form below:

Builder Planning 8

Custom changes are possible to the standard wizard functionality. For example, if you want to add another dimension to apply the % adjustments to, such as cost center (next to account).

Installed within half a day

You can easily reap all the benefits of the Version Builder Wizard for your organization. The default Version Builder, as shown above, can be installed within half a day into your Oracle Planning application, depending on the setup of your application and any specific wishes you might have.

Create better budgets with less effort 

In conclusion, our Version Builder Wizard transforms the budgeting process for all Oracle Planning environments, whether using Oracle PBC or Oracle NSPB. Its ease of use, speed, and ability to instantly generate and compare multiple versions ensure you can produce better budgets with less effort. Say goodbye to lengthy admin requests and hello to efficient, effective budgeting.

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