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Webinar Support & Life Cycle Management CCH Tagetik 2022

Would you like to know more about the latest functionalities and features? Or do you want to know what improvements you can expect in the future release? Are you overwhelmed by the new patches available for your financial system?

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Register now for the next interactive webinar, where we will explain the most interesting new features and improvements. We will also give you advice on how to best approach all these new releases so you can be in better control of your CCH Tagetik application.


In the webinar we will discuss the following topics:

  • Top 5 most impressive improvements in the latest and upcoming releases
  • Which major bug fixes have been recently resolved?
  • The latest functionality (e.g. Smart Insights)
  • The hidden gems of CCH Tagetik. Do you know all the features?
  • Being in control of your own CCH Tagetik application, how do you stay in control?

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