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Webinar Hosting & Cloud: the latest trends and developments

Switching to the cloud means that you have flexible access to the necessary software and hardware without having them in-house. This way, you save time and costs. Get updated on the latest developments & trends in our webinar Hosting & Cloud. Which hosting option suits you best?

Webinar Hosting & Cloud: the latest trends and developments

That cloud is growing in popularity as a solution for hosting a platform or your Performance Management application is a fact. A number of Performance Management solutions are already fully cloud-based, others offer the choice between on-premise and cloud. Cloud technology makes it possible to keep the cost of hosting services low and the flexibility high. Within the cloud technology there are several options for your Performance Management system. What do you choose? Public Cloud or Private Cloud? Which option suits your organization strategically, technically and organizationally? Which trends do we see in the field of Performance Management systems in the Cloud?


During this webinar we will update you on the following topics:

  • Which hosting options are there, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Which developments and trends do our hosting experts see and which new customer needs does this create?
  • What should you take into account with respect to your Performance Management system?
  • How does hosting help you to continue operating, even under a ransomware attack?
  • Why do organizations increasingly outsource the hosting of their Performance Management system in the cloud?

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Webinar Hosting & Cloud: the latest trends and developments