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Webinar ESG reporting in CCH Tagetik

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting is becoming more critical, with even regulatory reporting standards from 2024. As a company, you are expected to disclose your non-financial data to report companies’ sustainability impact, such as carbon footprint, human rights, and diversity. How is your organization keeping up with these changing demands? How do you collect, analyze, and report your non-financial data effectively?

Besides these upcoming regulations, we see many organizations face other obstacles in collecting and reporting on their sustainability data. Increases in frequency and granularity from many different data sources (both inside and outside of your organization) result in more complexity and, frankly, a lot more work. This is where CCH Tagetik comes into play! Discover how in our upcoming webinar.


Together with our partner Intire we’ll do a deep dive into ESG reporting and the ESG module of CCH Tagetik. During the first part of this webinar, we will discuss the ESG reporting standards and regulations. In the second part, we will showcase the ESG module of CCH Tagetik and how it supports you in being compliant with these upcoming reporting regulations.

In 30 minutes, the webinar will enhance your understanding of ESG reporting fundamentals and the ESG module of CCH Tagetik. This webinar is relevant for sustainability managers, functional application managers, and all other users of CCH Tagetik.

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Intire is our partner specializing in sustainability, integrated and non-financial reporting, with years of experience advising and guiding companies in their sustainability management. Together, we can answer all your questions about integrating sustainability into your reporting landscape.

Webinar ESG reporting in CCH Tagetik - Watch now