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Webinar: Oracle EPM Cloud - Machine learning & more

What's new and what's coming?

Get the latest on the most significant developments regarding your EPM application. Discover how to use Machine Learning in your Oracle PBC or FCC. And how to get the most out of Oracle’s other new features. All that in less than half an hour.

With Oracle EPM Cloud, your application is constantly evolving. We’re noticing that many organizations find it challenging to keep up with all the new features. Not surprisingly, as the applications are developing rapidly. Our experts help you stay tuned and benefit from the best new features.

Discover how some of the new functionalities can save your team a lot of time during peak times and enable better or faster analyses. Take, for example, the Machine learning integration in PBC and FCC.


In this short webinar (30 minutes), we’ll discuss the following topics:
  1. How to integrate Machine Learning in predictive planning (PBC & FCC)
  2. User tips to make navigation in your application more efficient and enable faster analyses.
  3. Swap Support's top 5 quick wins that you can apply immediately.

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