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Webinar Support & Life Cycle Management Oracle EPM

Be updated in a short time on all the developments regarding Support & Life Cycle Management of your EPM application?

Webinar Support & Life Cycle Management Oracle EPM

With Oracle EPM Cloud, your financial application is constantly evolving and you benefit continuously from the latest updates.

For example, did you know that “Financial Reporting” is replaced by “Management Reporting”? With this, you now have the new next-generation reporting at your disposal. The new Reports, which has been available as Management Reporting in the Narrative Reporting business process for the past four years, is now embedded in the EPM Cloud Platform business processes and applications, alongside, and ultimately replacing, Financial Reporting. Reports provides an easy-to-use, robust framework for developing reports, along with an enriched report viewer experience.

Want to learn more about these and other new features, or find out what improvements you can expect in future releases? You can now watch the recording of our interactive webinar! We will also give you advice on how to best approach all these new releases so you can be even more in control of your Oracle EPM Cloud application. For example, did you know that nowadays you can postpone a service request with 2 months?


In the webinar we discussed the following topics:

  • The most impressive developments in the Oracle EPM Cloud.
  • The top 5 most important and interesting updates of the past period.
  • How to stay in control regarding your own Oracle EPM Cloud application with all these updates?

Watch the webinar

Webinar Support & Life Cycle Management Oracle EPM - Watch now