Oracle FDMEE: Duplicate mappings bug

Have you ever encountered duplicate mapping? In FDMEE it’s possible to record duplicate mappings. Even though this doesn’t show as an immediate problem, this issue causes complete dimensions not to be mapped. How can you determine the exact cause for this issue?


If dimensions are not mapped, the error log only shows that there are ‘unmapped dimensions’. The duplicate mapping might not even be in one of these dimensions, but in another dimension. Oracle has not marked this issue as a bug, so a patch is not (yet) released. Oracle’s solution is to export all the mappings to Excel and find the duplicate mapping yourself. For more information on this see, (Doc ID 2182273.1).

Avoid manual searching

To overcome the situation that you must manually look for the duplicate mappings in Excel – which can be time consuming – we have created an FDMEE report which shows any duplicate mappings per location. This report allows you to find the duplicate and delete this from the appropriate mapping table.

For example, we have the following situation where there’s a duplicate mapping for the location ‘EUR_import’. Let’s imagine that we have imported data and have hundreds of mappings in multiple dimensions. We could end up in the following situation, where no dimension is mapped – like in the screenshot below. In other circumstances, some dimensions are mapped, others are not.


When we look at the Validation Error screen, it looks like there is an issue with the entity mapping:


When we look at the corresponding error report, it shows the following:


The error log above doesn’t give us any clue to what the exact issue is (nor does the Validation Errors window), or if we understand the issue, which duplicate mapping causes the issue.

Simple report in FDMEE

We created a simple report called ‘Duplicate Mappings’ in FDMEE. This report shows you the duplicate mapping which causes this issue. The report can be run from the Workflow tab >> Report Execution.


In the report, we can see that at the location ‘EUR Import’ there’s a duplicate mapping in the account dimension in mapping type ‘Explicit’ for the source value ‘1100’. Next step is to go to ‘Data load mapping’ and lookup the source value ‘1100’.


Then, delete the duplicate and rerun the data load rule. The result is a successfully ran validation step with help of our duplicate mapping report.


Request the report

Would you like to use the report to easily find duplicate mapping? Please contact Bert Dotinga by mail  or via +31 (0)70 300 3035.

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Text: Bert Dotinga

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