How to Create a Financial Reporting Batch in Oracle HFM

Every month, you prepare the financial reports. And every month, you send them to various people within the organization. What if you could automatically mail the reports to the desired end users as one Report Book? Fortunately, using a Financial Reporting Batch enables you to do so. How does a Financial Reporting Batch work within Oracle HFM, and how do you set it up?

Reporting Batch Oracle HFM

“Is it possible to merge the separate financial reports every month and to email this combined reporting batch automatically as soon as the figures are finalized?” one of our clients asked us. It’s a question we get quite often, as the Financial Reporting Batch is a less well-known functionality within Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (Oracle HFM).

Financial Reporting Batch within Oracle HFM and Financial Reporting

The standard HFM and Financial Reporting functionality already offers part of the solution. This functionality enables you to create a Report Book, which you can automatically send to the desired end-users. However, you still have to manually select the correct period before the Report Book can be sent.

By making the period dynamic, you ensure that the correct Report Books are delivered to the end-users every month. For this, we use a script accessible from the Financial Reporting module, which writes the correct value for the period every month.

How to set up an automatic Report Book in Oracle Hyperion Financial Management?

Setting up the automated merging and mailing of a Report Book requires two steps. This blog will show you the first step: how a standard configuration of a Financial Reporting Batch works in Oracle HFM. In the next blog about setting up an automatic Report book in Oracle HFM, we’ll make the period dynamic.

Part 1: Setting up a Financial Reporting Batch in Oracle HFM

In this step, we’ll start by setting up a regular Financial Reporting Batch in Oracle Hyperion Financial Management. To create such a batch, you must first determine which report or combination of reports you want to send by email.

Opzetten reporting batch HFM

To do so, you must create a new ‘Batch Reports for Scheduling’ document. You can do this by going to File -> New -> Document in the Reporting Repository (via the Explore button).

Maken reporting batch HFM

Then, select the desired reports/books and save the newly created Batch.

Rapporten selecteren Reporting Batch HFM

Once the Batch has been successfully saved, you will see an item called ‘Financial Reporting Batch’.


Now that the Batch has been defined, you can start scheduling. To do this, go to the Batch Scheduler (Navigate -> Schedule -> Batch Scheduler) and create a new Batch Schedule.

Schedulen Reporting Batch HFM

Select the newly created Batch.


Then, define the Frequency and the initial POV. In our example, the Period is September.


Indicate that the output should be emailed as a PDF to the relevant end-users.


Select the email addresses of the desired recipients.

Mailadressen selecteren Reporting Batch HFM

Next, indicate whether you want to receive a confirmation when the email has been sent.


If you have successfully created the Batch, you will see a new line within the Batch Scheduler. An email will be sent on the set date with the desired Reports/Books as an attachment:


Automatic Mailing of Reporting Book using Financial Reporting Batch in Oracle HFM

With the above steps, you can automatically mail the Reporting Book via the Financial Reporting Batch in Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM). You will no longer have to manually merge and send the reports, saving you time every month.

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