Easy integration CCH Tagetik with Power BI

New partnership between Swap Support and cpmVision

Combining reporting templates developed by cpmVision with the expertise of Swap Support’s consultants makes it easy to connect CCH Tagetik with Power BI. Also, it gives more options for continuous development and exploring new reporting possibilities such as ESG or IFRS. 

Partnership Swap Support CPM Vision

Expertise in both CCH Tagetik and Power BI

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Swap Support,” said Bas Ranzijn, Director at cpmVision. “Swap Support has years of experience supporting both CCH Tagetik and Power BI. This combination of expertise is scarce and much in demand. For organizations, it’s great that they can call one number to get support for both BI and EPM.”

“The partnership with cpmVision allows us to integrate financial and non-financial data and sources. Connecting CCH Tagetik with Power BI gives organizations a powerful combination for both management reporting and BI reporting,” said Judith Pennings, sales specialist and consultant at Swap Support.

Get the most out of your CCH Tagetik application

“Integrating EPM and BI is a trend we increasingly see at our clients. The starter kit helps us to connect CCH Tagetik with Power BI even faster. Also, it makes continuous improvement easier,” said Rogier van Cittert, consultant at Swap Support.

This aligns seamlessly with the strategy of Swap Support. Rogier: “Our goal is to enable organizations to get the most out of their CCH Tagetik application.”

Integrated Service Desk for EPM and BI

Swap Support’s Service Desk combines EPM and BI support, a unique combination of in-depth expertise. “More than 40 support experts can be reached 15 hours a day, 7 days a week,” explained Judith.

Also, the support levels can be scaled flexibly, depending on your business needs and reporting calendar. The integrated, flexible approach to support allows you to focus on your core business without any worries about your reporting deadlines.

CCH Tagetik and your organization

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