SAP extends maintenance dates SAP BPC

In the past 1 to 2 years we have heard a lot about SAP’s roadmap for the product portfolio for planning and consolidation solutions. In particular, we have heard that Group Reporting for consolidation and Sap Analytics Cloud for planning were the solutions for the future. And they still are. We only heard changing messages about SAP BPC. Messages ranging from “SAP BPC has no future” and “BPC is supported for the time being” to “BPC is still a great tool to start with”. There were also end dates known for the Support and Extended Maintenance of all BPC products.

Now SAP has announced that the Maintenance data for all the latest BPC versions will be moved up. First of all, what are the latest versions of BPC?

  • BPC for Netweaver 10.1
  • BPC for S/4HANA 10.1
  • BPC for BW/4HANA 11.1
  • BPC for Microsoft 10.1

These are the versions for which the data has been moved. The support for older versions of BPC (up to version 7.5 and 10.0) has not changed

The changes are as follows.


In a nutshell, the Microsoft version gets 2 years extra and all other versions 3 years. And that is good news.

But does it mean that we can sit back another 2 years? This question has 2 answers. Yes, it’s very nice that there is more air in the timelines and that takes a lot of pressure off looking for alternatives. And at the same time it doesn’t. SAP has given extra time, but because of the very timely communication of expansion, we can also assume that there will be no more delays. Especially for the BPC for Microsoft users, this is an important sign. BPC for MS stops.

Maintenance dates SAP BPC for Netweaver

For SAP BPC Netweaver we see that the end date has now been moved to the end of 2027. By the time this blog is written, it will still be more than 6.5 years. The average lifespan of a Planning and Consolidation environment is about 5 years. So if the alternatives that SAP has ready (Group Reporting and SAC) are not an option, for example because you don’t want to be an Early Adapter or because your current infrastructure is not yet ready for Group Reporting and SAC, then these could be reasons to start a new BPC for Netweaver implementation now.

Maintenance dates SAP BPC for Microsoft

For the SAP BPC Microsoft version, this is slightly different. According to the new data, this version will be supported until the end of 2024. With that there is an extra 2 years but that is not enough to start a new implementation BPC 10.1 for Microsoft.  For those who still have BPC 10.1 for Microsoft, something else is playing. SAP has extended support on the BPC software, but on which OS and which version of SQL Server does your application run? And are these still supported by Microsoft?


It is nice that SAP has extended the support to 2024 and 2027. This puts other options back on the table, which might already have been pushed off the table, for example:

  • We can wait a few more years before we go to Group Reporting and/or SAC, so that these solutions can become even more mature, or
  • We are now starting a BPC for Netweaver implementation, because our current tools are really in need of replacement.

The data shift does not mean that we can sit back for 2 years.

Our advice… use the time given wisely and make a roadmap for your Planning and Consolidation solutions. This way you are completely prepared for the future and you don’t have to make a mandatory choice in a couple of years.

If you have any questions about support for SAP EPM, your roadmap, or the new support data, please contact us or watch the webinar.

Tekst: Reinder Riemersma

Webinar: SAP extends maintenance on SAP BPC