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Webinar Support & Life Cycle Management SAP EPM

Be updated in a short time on all the developments regarding Support & Life Cycle Management of your EPM application?

Webinar Support & Life Cycle Management SAP EPM

Do you have your Roadmap strategy clear yet? In 2020 SAP decided to extend the EOL maintenance for a number of SAP BPC versions. We have listed all the changes for you in this overview of the SAP EPM's roadmapOn June 30st 2026 SAP BPC MS 10.1 is “end of life” and we do not expect this to be extended again. For BPC Netweaver the end of life date was already moved  to end 2027.

Our advice, based on years of providing support for SAP EPM: use the extra time given wisely and create a Roadmap for your Planning and Consolidation solutions. By doing so, you will be well prepared for the future and you will avoid having to make a hasty and mandatory choice in a few years’ time.

For example, is the next step in your Roadmap for example Group Reporting and it doesn’t look like the S/4 implementation will be ready before 2024? Then how do you bridge this period? Do you have to go to Group Reporting and SAC? Or are there also alternatives within the SAP Roadmap. Which choice suits you best?

During our webinar, we have updated you on the SAP Roadmap. So that you are prepared in time for your future and can make the right choices.


We have discussed the following topics:

  • Which SAP Roadmap scenarios are possible?
  • What are the functional advantages and disadvantages of SAP BPC, Group Reporting and SAC?
  • Which dependencies should I take into account in my Roadmap choices?
  • What are the (technical) constraints?

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