BI Maturity Levels

Increasingly, organizations are becoming more mature in their BI and data management. We see many organizations moving from manual data entry to interfaces, and to integration between applications. What is the BI maturity level of your organization? And how do you grow to the next level?

BI maturity levels

Growing pains on the road to predictive analytics

The new frontier is predictive analytics. With EPM and BI integrating, reaching this ultimate goal becomes a distinct possibility for many organizations. But maturing to the level of predictive analytics does require several different and sometimes complex steps. And the expertise to know which activities should be mastered before moving to the next BI maturity level.

We advise taking a step-by-step approach to grow to the next BI maturity level. Nevertheless, you are likely to encounter some of the following growing pains:

  • Business users assume that setting up a report is a matter of drag and drop. However, the back-end of the application is quite complex.
  • IT and the various departments involved speak different languages.
  • Easy access to correct and sufficient data is hard to set up. Often, setting up uniform data definitions throughout the organization is a challenge at first.

As a business analyst, you want to focus on your analysis, not setting up a data warehouse or uniform data definitions. We help you with the back-end and support of the applications, enabling you to dedicate your time to the core of your job.

The different BI maturity levels

BI Maturity levels visual
These BI maturity levels are based on what we're currently seeing at our clients. Of course, every situation is different. Where does your company stand? And how do you grow to the next level? Download the whitepaper and test the maturity of your BI.

How we support your BI application at each maturity level

At each BI maturity level, we can add the required BI expertise to your team. Whether you’re just starting or are already at the most mature level, we help you get the most out of your BI application. With pragmatic advice that suits your situation aligned with the expertise of your team.

Our BI support experts understand the path to the next maturity level. We have in-depth knowledge of front-end tools, such as SAP SAC, Power BI, and Tableau. And we have the expertise needed to implement and support back-end data warehousing applications such as SAP BW, SAP HANA, SQL Server, and Azure Data Factory (ADF).

Scalable BI support that matches your BI journey

Thanks to the scalability of our unique support model, you can easily adjust the level of support you need. You decide which and how much expertise you need to add to your team during each step of your BI journey.

Aligning our support with your BI maturity level ensures that you can save costs while always having the capacity and expertise you need.

Kasper van Dongen

Kasper van Dongen | Founder & Director

As entrepreneur and founder of Swap Support with a focus on support and unburdening, Kasper is the discussion partner for organisations in the EPM, BI & ERP landscape (market).


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