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Webinar SAP extends maintenance on SAP BPC

SAP has recently announced that the Maintenance data for all the latest SAP BPC versions will be moved up. This will bring other options back on the table, which may already have been discarded.

Curious about what exactly has changed? Or were you looking for a new application before the extension of the EOL and are you wondering what to do next? Then watch our webinar "SAP extends maintenance on SAP BPC".

What was discussed in the webinar

    • What does extending BPC’s end of life support mean for SAP’s Roadmap strategy?
    • Which quick wins can still be realized now that there is no reason to switch to a new version or application regarding the end of life support?
    • Which technical aspects should you pay attention to now that the support period has been extended?

Watch the webinar

Webinar SAP extends maintenance on SAP BPC - watch now