Upgrading to HFM 11.2 and moving to Azure at VTTI

Oracle HFM has provided VTTI with ideal performance for many years. That’s why we have upgraded to HFM 11.2 and moved to Azure. 

Ensuring ongoing support

“Oracle Hyperion is doing exactly what we want it to do, with no additional requirements. Our processes work, why change a winning team? We upgraded to Oracle HFM 11.2 to ensure ongoing support”, says Roland van den Berg, Group Accountant at VTTI. 

VTTI is one of the world’s leading storage providers for energy and other essential products, providing over 10 million cubic meters of storage capacity across five continents. The company employs 1,250 people, including 40 different nationalities in 15 countries. 

Oracle HFM to Azure

Oracle Cloud solutions were also considered. However, the team decided to move Oracle HFM to Azure, to align with VTTI’s global digitalization strategy. “By moving Oracle HFM to Azure, you have the best of both worlds. It’s not on-premise, but not fully SaaS either,” says Gabor Wieringa, Technical Support Consultant at Swap Support. 

Oracle HFM was the first application to be used on Azure within the company. As part of the project, the Swap Support team also fine-tuned the application after the migration. 

"We’ve noticed that the general speed and performance are better. The feedback from our colleagues is very positive."

Warren Glover

Improved performance, speed and stability

Roland and Warren are enthusiastic about the results. Warren Glover, Financial Accountant at VTTI: “We’ve noticed that the general speed and performance are better. The feedback from our colleagues is very positive.”

During the migration, Oracle Smart View was upgraded too. The new version enables users to see all the metadata properties when they click on an account in data form.

Only a positive impact on the business

One of the key results of the migration approach: business didn’t notice the move. In fact, increased speed and performance improved the user experience. Roland: “The transition was completely seamless for our colleagues.”

For key users Roland and Warren, the migration also went smoothly. All the processes were aligned, and in-depth testing showed that the data was migrated correctly. 

Oracle HFM support as an insurance policy

Asked why VTTI requested Swap Support to support the application, Roland said: “We have a wealth of knowledge internally, but you can never know everything.”

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