3 x Oracle support – spot the differences

Oracle has three types of support for the Hyperion products, depending on the release date of the version. Sounds logical. But what support can you rely on for your product? And what are the consequences of these support levels for your landscape?

Good to know: Oracle will not abandon you, whatever form of Oracle support you have. As long as you pay for the licenses, you always have endless service in the form of “sustaining support”. And with the Oracle EPM cloud products, you will never run out of support, as you’re automatically on the latest version.

3 different support levels

Depending on the release date, there are three different levels: premier support, extended support and sustaining support.

There is only one difference between premier support and extended support. However, this difference can have a major impact. With extended support, there is no longer any “certification” issued for new third-party products. This may mean that your Hyperion version is no longer certified for a new version of the SQL server, Windows OS or browser, such as IE, Chrome, or Firefox. Depending on your company’s IT security policy, this may cause issues. For example, if IT wants to switch to a new SQL server version, while Hyperion is not certified for this. Do you have Hyperion running on an Oracle database and Oracle OS? Then you are still in the right place with extended support.

Sustaining support

The name of the level “Sustaining support” says it all; there are no more new patches or upgrades released. You will still receive technical support through the Oracle support site, so you can still log service requests. However, should you run into an (unknown) problem, Oracle will no longer provide a new fix / patch and will probably kindly request you to upgrade.

What level of Oracle support does your organization have?

The level of Oracle support depends on the release date of the version you are using. Below you will find an overview of the (on-premise) Hyperion versions that have been released since 2010, and when these versions will be running out of the various support levels.

Oracle support

Do you use version HFM 11.1.1.x? Sustaining support has been in place since July 2013.

The impact on your IT landscape

Curious whether a shift to another Oracle support level will have a lot of impact on your landscape? And for which versions of SQL server or Internet Explorer your Hyperion version is certified? Request a compatibility overview here. This overview will show you at a glance which products and versions match your Hyperion version.